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The free and the most comprehensive list of minimum application requirements for almost 200 OBGYN programs!

Fellow International Medical Graduates (IMGs), before you start applying in September, you should exactly know which programs are FMG friendly, which residency programs are willing to sponsor H1B/J1 and if they have any USMLE score cut-offs….. You gotto-be smart and must have a much focused application strategy in order to succeed without spending too much time and money. This report is a 'must have' guide for foreign medical graduates applying for OBGYN programs in the US. The report will help you make the program selection and narrow down your 'best fit' programs based on all the requirements.

A number of you had requested about OBGYN list. Internal Medicine and Family Practice FMG friendly lists have been successful and thanks a lot for your good comments, encouragement, suggestions as well as questions. We are glad our hard work and IMG friendly lists are helping every applicant to secure a good number of interviews and residency.  

Information and minimum application requirements for FMG friendly OBGYN programs are difficult to find. If you randomly go through some websites, there is not a whollotta information about program requirements for FMGs. So it was very challenging to prepare this list; we had to call individual programs to get some basic information. There is no single good list for OBGYN. The available lists charge you anywhere between $80 to $100 and even worse break it down by regions or a particular requirement such as USMLE scores or graduation date and charge almost $60-$70 each………if you don’t believe do the search yourself. Google “OBGYN and FMG friendly programs” and see what you get.

Our OBGYN list is the very first and the most comprehensive list that includes almost 200 programs in the country. It is a result of hard labor. We are not breaking down the list by state or regions and charge extra money. We’d even say that this is the only and the ultimate list for OBGYN you will need for applications..…..

What is this list about?

This comprehensive list gives you the minimum requirements for the residency programs such as - minimum USMLE score requirements, number of attempts, graduation year 'cut-off', US clinical experience requirements, and last but not least visa policies.

This is the most comprehensive list ever……it contains almost 200 OBGYN programs across the country. The list is most useful for FMG, and less so for US citizens because the aim was to find which programs were going to consider IMGs and which ones are not.

Save your time and money by hitting the bull's eye - a much focused application approach

A small group of FMGs have gone through every single hospital website, have called individual programs, and after hours and hours of efforts have put together this neat, handy, and self-sufficient list of FMG friendly residency programs. There is NO NEED TO GO THROUGH A LABORIOUS PROCESS OF BROWZING FREIDA OR ANY OF THE HOSPITAL WEBSITES - don't waste you time and money…just use this list and you are ready to go! If you have a lot of time, you may not need this list. We’d encourage making your own list. That way you can focus on what you are looking for. So if someone wants to be in New York, they don’t need the whole list, just collect your own information. But if you are short of time, or resources such as internet connectivity, US phone calls etc is a problem, then THIS IS THE ONLY LIST YOU NEED AND YOU WANT!!

Let's take one example - suppose a program requires 1 year US clinical experience with graduation year within last 5 years. You were in hurry, you looked at the hospital website (which could be confusing sometimes) in rush or believed in information that you got somewhere on the internet and applied. If you didn't fit in those criteria, it is unlikely that they'd look at your application and you just wasted $$s! Our aim is to guide you to the right direction to increase the possibilities of getting interview calls by hitting the bull's eye. The key is not how many programs you apply, but which programs you apply for and finding out whether those programs are going to take a look at application or not!

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Thank you for your interest!



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